Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Luxe Lacquers July Collection!

These polishes are from the July subscription box from  Luxe Lacquers. While it's too late to get in on July, use this review to help you make up your mind about whether to start subscribing for August, or grabbing one of these beauties on its own. Luxe Lacquers is subscription-based, similar to Julep. For $29.99 a month (or $29.99 bi-monthly) you receive four full bottles of polish and they have free shipping to Canada and the US! Let's get this review on the road!

First up is Poppy!

This is a bright, creamy pink, and was opaque in two coats with a beautiful satin finish. I honestly did not know how much I liked pink until I started doing my nails, but I've found myself not only buying but actually using pink more than any other colour besides white! That said, this is definitely going to be a staple for me. It's a gorgeous, perfect bright pink, with a smooth application. You really can't go wrong with a good pink! 

 Next is Siena. 

I'm in love, basically. I loved everything about this mani. The colour, the design, the perfect acrylic stud. I love yellows but I've struggled to find one that applies well. If you look back through my previous posts, I've primarily been using Sally Hansen's Lightening as my yellow. It's nice, but it's a low quality polish and you can tell in the pictures, and worst of all, in real life, that it's thicker and clumps. Siena is a breath of fresh air in the yellow game. On three fingers I used a white base and two coats of Siena on top, and on my accent nail I used three thin coats of just Siena. You can't tell the difference at all in the application because it's such a smooth formula! This is key for lighter colours like yellow. Oftentimes it's too much of a jelly, or just generally not opaque enough, and you end up using 4 or more coats just for even coverage. Not the case at all with Siena! Did I mention I'm in love? 

This next colour is Anne. 

It's a shimmery ocean green, and while I'm not generally into shimmery colours, the iridescence in the green just made this colour pop and really tied the polish together. When I swatched it I immediately thought of the ocean, and so I paired it with gold, and black acrylic teardrop studs to create a mermaid's tail. I used a white base for this because the formula is a little more sheer than the others in this collection, but other than that, the formula is great.  

 Last but not least is Mila. 

Purple is my fave, and this is no exception. This was opaque in one coat, but I habitually use two just to even things out. It's frickin' gorgeous. I didn't want to even deface it by doing any nail art on it, but I didn't want it to be the odd one out, so I settled for a less obtrusive design of gold flowers and simple gold dotting. This purple has a slight shimmer with almost a blue undertone, slightly metallic, and good gawd it's rich looking! It looks opulent, and to me, this colour embodies "luxe."  

 If the August polishes are half as amazing as the July collection, then the world needs to look out for Luxe Lacquers, because it'll take it by storm! Check out Luxe Lacquers for details on how you can subscribe today OR grab them individually while they're available!

Other products used in this post:
Mini Zig Zag Vinyls from Up Your Nail Disturbed Vinyls
Black Acrylic Studs from the bornprettystore

Disclosure: These products were provided to me for sample and review. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by external/third parties. View my full disclosure policy here. 

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