Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trend Talk: The Accent Nail

It's a trend that's taken over nail art for a few years and has definitely hit the mainstream public headstrong in the last year. They're everywhere! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might have stumbled upon the wrong blog, but for clarity's sake, the accent nail is the one or two nails painted differently from the rest of your nails. It's usually one of the three "inside" fingers - index, middle or ring finger. My personal preference is the ring finger for pure aesthetics. I feel that the middle is too centered, the index is too close to the thumb, but the ring finger is just right, being just off-centre. When photographing, I follow the rule of thirds and the ring finger accent nail perfectly complements this.

"Why is that nail different from the other nails?!"

"Because WHY NOT?"

This trend has sparked a little debate online but personally I love this style. It lets you cut from the monotony of a solid polish to add a little flavour without being too overbearing. There is not ONE way to rock an accent nail, so I'll take you through some of the most common styles you'll see. 

Looking through my archives, I don't actually rock this look too often. A two colour accent is your very basic accent nail mani! Essentially all fingers are painted one colour while one finger (usually the ring, middle, or index) is painted another colour. The colours should always work together and not be independent of each other, otherwise your nails will just look super confused.

Some girls will tell you that you can never have enough glitter while others just want that extra pizzaz. The glitter accent nail is perfect for those in either camp! You can have solid colours and just a touch of glam with the glitter accent nail and removal of two glitterfied nails is SO MUCH EASIER than removal of 10 glitterfied nails!

I love a good design but being in an office environment, I don't like to have super flashy nails. Having a design on one accent nail can really push your manicure to the next level without being too overbearing. Here I used a herringbone design with complementary colours and a little gold to spice it up and draw a little more attention to the design. It's so easy for a colour choice to be overbearing or a complete mismatch, that you or your aesthetician must really have a good sense of colour coordination.

Some colours were meant to be together! Black and white, orange and blue, purple and yellow. Why? They're complementary colours on the colour wheel. If you've never checked out a colour wheel, do it when planning your next accent nail mani. But don't limit yourself. Find two colours that are different (contrast) but still look good together (complement.) Here I used black and yellow, which have always gone well together, but the contrast is in the design. Yellow is a brighter, happier colour, but with the black and the design, it turned it a little edgier and totally works.

When combined with a design, an accent nail will work to bring the theme of your design together rather than seem out of place. In conjunction with contrasting and complementing above, a designed accent nail can feature the opposite or complementary colours from the rest of the nails. Here I used the same design on all four nails, but I used the opposite colours on the middle finger accent nails. It works to draw attention to the nail and design, and best of all, you already know the colours will work well together because you've used them on all the other fingers.

Sometimes one accent nail just isn't enough! Most commonly done on the ring and middle fingers, the two finger accent nail is designed to attract a little more attention to your nails than just a single accent finger. Here I used contrasting but complementing colours of blue and orange (actually a little more coral IRL) with a simple chevron design and it works.  So. Well. It's simple and clean and really shows off the chevrons.

The surrounding nails can be solid or have small embellishments but should not overshadow the accent nails. They should be simple so as to draw attention to the design itself.

Here I used simple silver studs to jazz up the solid colours a little more but the attention is still drawn to the two accent nails of roses.

What do you do with your thumb!? Why is it never in the picture!? Okay. Relax. It's because it just looks AWKWARD. Aesthetically, I think my pose and overall pictures look way better sans thumb than avec. For those who have never taken French, that means "without" and "with," respectively. But in all seriousness... your thumb is (hopefully) your biggest canvas, so do what you want!! You can paint it solid or do whatever you did to the accent nail to your thumb - it will still look awesome. Here I used black and gold for an elegant rose manicure and as you can see, my thumb is the same as my accent nail. I wore these nails for a wedding and thought that the black was too much and needed the help of more gold to bring the look together. But again - it's all up to you, and pretty much anything will work on the thumb. 

Obviously there's more than one way to skin a cat (gross!) but I hope you were able to take some pointers away from this post! What do you think about the accent nail trend? What's your fave accent style? Let me know in the comments below!

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