Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tutorial! Elephant & Balloon Heart.

This is a Pinterest-inspired design. The watermark was so blurry all I could see was "tech" (I think!) so if any of you can tell me who created this, please let me know so I can attribute this.

I decided to create a tutorial for this adorable look!

First paint your base coat. I chose a blue. Draw the bottom of the elephant by drawing an upside down "U" with gray paint or polish. Draw the trunk by connecting an "L" shape to the left side of the elephant's body. Extend the top a little towards the trunk for more of a head shape. Over on the other side, give your elephant a little but of a tail by making a point close to where the elephant's bum would be. 🙊 Outline your elephant in black paint. Next draw a little squiggle for the ear, and use a dotting tool for an eye. Colour the ear in pink! 

For the heart, plop down two dots to represent the top of the heart. With a brush, start from the bottom centre of where your heart's point should be and draw up towards the too of the heart, on both sides. Fill this in. Outline the heart! Then, draw the string by making a loop-de-loop towards the side of your nail, towards the elephant.

Topcoat, and tada!

UPDATE: I've found the original creator! Head on over to to see her original design!

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