Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Review: PPN - You Give Me Butterflies

I love nudes but I hate if it takes a zillion coats to be fully opaque, don't you? Generally when I wear nudes, it's probably because I need my nails toned down and it needs to be able to stand out on its own. Enter You Give Me Butterflies by PPN. It's a two coater, which is perfect because then I don't need to use 4-5 coats to opacity! And, it's a beautiful creamy polish. I could totally rock this on its own.  

Because this is a swatch, I do like including some nail art to give you an idea of what more can be done with a colour, and I thought simple roses would perfectly complement the delicateness of this colour. What I like most is that this colour is a creamy light brown. Many nudes tend towards grey or pink, or are sheer, and, as established - I just cannot deal with light colours being so sheer that I need more than 3 coats. But this is a brown, and as much as I love colour, nudes are classic and look fantastic and appropriate pretty much 99% of the time. Yes I did make that statistic up, but you know what I mean! 

Like the previous PPN polishes I have tried, the formula on this is impressive, smooth, and really does rival known brands like Essie and OPI. Colour-wise, this is comparable to Essie's Spin The Bottle, albeit a tad darker. Spin the Bottle is more beige than brown, and definitely more sheer.  

Disclaimer: This polish was provided to me for sample and review by Pink Princess Cosmetics; however, the thoughts and opinions I expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced or paid for by the sample provider. Visit my disclosure policy to learn more.

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